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M3 E30

BMW M3 E30

$99.00 AUD

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The BMW E30 M3: A Legend on Four Wheels

The Birth of a Racing Icon

Imagine a car that’s not just fast but also a master of the curves, a vehicle that looks as good on the city streets as it does on the race track. That’s the BMW E30 M3 for you, a car that started its journey in the mid-1980s and quickly became a legend. Born from the world of competitive racing, the E30 M3 was designed to dominate the touring car championships. BMW took the regular 3 Series, which was already popular for its performance and style, and transformed it into a racing powerhouse.

Designing a Dream

The creation of the E30 M3 was a result of BMW’s desire to enter and excel in motorsport. To compete, they needed a car that was not only fast and agile but also met the regulations of the racing bodies. Enter the M3, with its distinctive wide fenders, larger wheels, and that iconic rear spoiler. These weren’t just for show; every curve and line was crafted to improve the car’s aerodynamics and performance.

One of the most notable features of the E30 M3 was its engine. Unlike the standard 3 Series, the M3 was equipped with a high-revving, 4-cylinder engine that was a departure from BMW’s traditional inline 6. This engine was a masterpiece of engineering, providing the perfect balance of power and responsiveness needed for the racetrack.

Cultural Impact

The E30 M3 didn’t just win races; it won hearts. It became a symbol of speed, precision, and automotive beauty. In the 1980s and 90s, if you drove an M3, you were someone who appreciated the finer things in life, not just in terms of luxury but in performance and design. The M3 wasn’t just a car; it was a statement.

The popularity of the E30 M3 transcended the racetrack. It became a coveted item among car enthusiasts and collectors, revered for its blend of everyday usability and exceptional performance. Its appearance in movies, video games, and car shows only added to its legend, making it a pop culture icon.

Interesting Facts

  • Racing Pedigree: The E30 M3 was a champion on the track, securing numerous victories in touring car championships around the world, including the prestigious Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM).
  • Limited Editions: Throughout its production, several limited editions of the E30 M3 were released, including the Evolution (Evo) models, which featured even more performance enhancements and are now highly sought after by collectors.
  • The M3 Name: The “M” in M3 stands for Motorsport, reflecting the car’s racing heritage. It’s a badge that has been worn by BMW’s high-performance models ever since.


Today, the BMW E30 M3 is more than just a classic car; it’s a piece of automotive history. It set the standard for what a sports sedan could be, blending practicality with unparalleled performance. Its influence can be seen in every M3 model that has followed, each one building on the legacy of its forebear. For car enthusiasts and casual fans alike, the E30 M3 remains a symbol of a golden era in automotive design and engineering, a testament to what happens when passion meets precision on the road.

In a world where cars are often seen as mere transportation, the E30 M3 reminds us that some vehicles are built for so much more. They’re built to excite, to inspire, and to stand the test of time, just like the BMW E30 M3 has.

Dimensions 20 × 25 × 3 cm

Blue Navy


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


Regular Fit

Regular FitSMLXL2XL3XL



Under Arm

Back Length70cm70cm72cm74cm75cm76cm

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90 cm94 cm98 cm102 cm110 cm118 cm
Shoulder42 cm45 cm48 cm50 cm52 cm57 cm

Under Arm

39 cm41 cm44 cm49 cm50 cm50 cm
Back Length61 cm64 cm70 cm73 cm77 cm77 cm

To confirm your size as per the charts, use the following guide:


Run the tape measure around the body under the arms, over the shoulder blades and the broadest part of the chest in a relaxed stance with arms by your side and note the measurement.


Run the tape in a straight line from one edge of the shoulder to the other and note the measurement.

Under Arm

Run the tape measure from the armpit to the hips and note the measurement

Back Length

Take a measurement down the centre back from the base of the neck to the hips and note the length.

Confirm the fitting style of the selected t-shirt and using the measurements taken select the most appropriate size from the chart.